The interior abodes of peace in the hearts of the faithful are the essential seeds from which worldly peaceful environments grow, and through which the eternal abode is prepared for. Such interior abodes can live and grow within a multiplicity of worldly situations, and need not be, and cannot really be, limited to geographically delimitated zones of the world, ‘dar islam’. The ‘Muslim World’ is the entire cosmos, and is no mere worldly empire! Every human heart, and even every creaturely sign (aya), that adores, remembers, and glorifies the One True God, is already an abode of peace , and is already a ‘Muslim world’!

The historical fact that Muslims did establish and grow empires must not blind us to the fact that Islam is beyond empire, and as a matter of fact, is originally and fundamentally a ‘dispersed divine light’, and not a mere worldly political force. It is said in several hadiths that, originally, God dispersed of His own light sparks of compassion and guidance. Wherever those sparks of light are, that is an abode of peace!

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