Today Hassan Mohammed, Director of S.M. Jaleel will be buried after his janazah (funeral service) at the San Fernando ASJA Masjid at 3:00 p.m.  I knew Hassan as a teacher in the early seventies at ASJA Boys College in San Fernando. His interaction with his students distinguished him from many of his peers.  His character and manner of approach to us has left a legacy that will last to eternity.  Teacher Hassan's tone was soft but effective.  His empathy to us demonstrated that he understood our state.  Our college's "Know Your Country" (a T.V. quiz competition) team was coached by him.  Teacher Hassan, taught us the necessary skills needed to compete valiantly to reach the national semi-finals.  He treated us with kindness, win, lose or draw.  He was our coach, chaffeur (his own car), fed us (in his own home).  As time moves along in the circle of life, the nostalgia of earlier times tends to be romanticized, the details of what we learnt during this time is lost to our memory; but the memory of the quality of the relationships we had with our teacher is still fresh in my mind's eye.  Reading of Hassan's passing  was shocking but not surprising as knowledge of his illness had reached us.  It was shocking as it felt like a piece of me died.  Today we pay respects to Hassan, who in his role as a teacher, was much more loved than he ever would have known.  You had a never ending willingness to ensure that all your students reached their maximum potential. You constantly strove to 'reach and teach' every student under your care. Thank you for caring , rest in peace, sir and may God have mercy on your soul.  The class of 1975 extends our sympathy and condolences to his family and friends.