These are the most precious of nights in the Islamic Calendar. All year, people wait for the night when angels shall descend with the decree of their Lord, listening for the supplications of servants to a Most Merciful Lord, only for their Lord to grant their prayers. As angels descend in throngs, seeking those calling on their Lord, begging for His forgiveness, seeking His mercy crying, “Oh my Lord, you are Most Forgiving, You love to forgive, so forgive me my sins.” As they plead and beg and turn in honest repentance, the pain of their sins weigh on their hearts and their eyes are moist, filled with tears of sadness and tears of hope.

This, the night, the first night when creation was honoured with the Qur’an to guide us and keep us close to the source of Love and Compassion. Their Lord most High, is most pleased with them, that the angels found them awake and praying. “What does My servant want?” although He knows better than the angels who convey their wishes and prayers, and He- the Most Merciful Creator- declares that their supplications will be answered.

In these blessed nights travellers, seek His mercy and be patient, He is waiting for you to ask so that He may fulfill your prayers for yourself, your family, community, society and world. Seek the bounties that are there for you, a night better than a thousand months. Remember Him…fill your hearts with His remembrance, read and listen to the Qur’an, reflect on its messages, remind yourself of His Prophet and the many sacrifices he made, peace be upon him, for you to be able to know Allah today, and for yourself and those around you.

Struggle oh traveller to find this treasure so that you are enriched in this dunya (life) and in the akhira (hereafter).