Will we continue to hurt others, our wives? Children? Husbands? Parents? Workers? Customers? The poor? The needy? Will we continue to talk about others behind their backs? Will we not care if we offended someone by our actions or words?  Will we continue to forget that we will be judged for how we behaved in life?

How will it be to stand in the court of God?

It is interesting that we can’t forgive others for some things. There are just some things we cannot let go of yet there is a day that all we can and will hope for, is the forgiveness of God.

How can we expect God to forgive us when we don’t forgive each other?

The fact that we will be held to account on the day of Judgment and that no wrong-doing will be left without reparation is enough to encourage us to walk a road of humility.

What if we apologize to others for interactions we have with them to ensure that we didn’t hurt them? Give extra when we conduct business interactions instead of less? What if we conducted business with others and found out that it was unsatisfactory and made corrections for what we did? What if we apologized to our parents? Repaired the wrongs that may have occurred with our brothers and sisters, our friends whom we may have hurt? What if we apologized even if it wasn’t our fault- is that bad or is it simply unflattering to our egos? Is walking the road of humility such a poor choice to ensure that we’ve lived our lives in a way that honoured others and maintained their dignity and respect? If we were right, do you think God would not know that? At least we would have lived knowing that if there was even a fragment of a chance that we could have wronged someone, we tried to do our best to repair that.

For those who may have many wrongs and they are overwhelm them, do not despair of God’s forgiveness. For them, they should turn to God sincerely in repentance and seek His forgiveness and spend time accumulating as many good deeds as possible. Some of those good deeds should also be in secret so it is a contract remaining between God and them only. Remember His mercy was divided into 99 parts, only one of which was dispensed to the creation from the time of Adam to the end of time and the rest is reserved for His mercy to His creation on the Day of Judgment.

I conclude with a portion of a hadith that was related by Anas from the Prophet peace be upon him about two men who will stand before Allah on the day of Judgment, one seeking his rights because of some wrongs committed to him by his brother (brother here may not only apply to sibling).

“Oh my Lord, grant me retaliation for the wrong (for which I am owed recompense) from my brother. And Allah says, “give your brother that in which he was wronged.” “O Lord,”  he replies, “none of my good deeds remain.” Then God says to the man that made the demand, “What shall you do with your brother, seeing that none of his righteous works remain?” And he replies, “Oh my Lord! Let him bear some of my burden instead” (And the Prophet peace be upon him wept, “Truly that shall be a mighty day, a Day when men have need of others to bear their burdens!” and he continued), “And God says to the one who made this request, “Lift up your head and look to the Gardens! This he does, and he says, “O, my Lord, I behold lofty cities of silver, and golden palaces wreathed about with pearls. For which Prophet shall they be or which saint or martyr? And God replies, “They belong to whomsoever pays me their price.” “Oh my Lord!” he says, “and who possesses their price?”

“You possess it” He replies.  “And what might it be?” he asks and God replies, “Your forgiveness of your brother.” “Oh my Lord!” he says, “I have forgiven him!” Then God (exalted be He), says, “Take your brother’s hand and bring him into Heaven.” Then God’s Prophet, peace be upon him said, “Fear God and make reconciliation amongst yourselves, for God reconciles the believers with one another”

On behalf of my family and I, If we have wronged any reader of these words in any way, we ask your forgiveness and if there is something we should address, please do let us know.

Oh Allah, You are the Most Forgiving, You love to Forgive, please forgive us for our sins and shortcomings - Ameen.