Allah SWT has given us a great opportunity to make something from nothing. By this I mean, we have an opportunity at each instant in our lives to transform it from something that may be seemingly insignificant to something that can change our lives forever.

In short, we have a choice.

Why are some people negative and others positive? Some people can find good in every situation while others see only the misery and hardships. Which type of person do you like to be around?  Which lens to life do you personally wear?

Recognize that Allah has control over all aspects of life, so when things are good, we should be grateful for that and when things appear to be difficult, instead of being miserable or drowning ourselves in self-pity, we should ask ourselves, “What does God want me to learn from this?” By keeping in mind that Allah is still with us and we turn our reliance to Him, will help us not to lose sight of the BIG PICTURE. This experience is for my highest and greatest good and meant to help me be the best person I can.

The same can be said for moments we think about as being “empty and insignificant”- standing in line; walking to the store; doing house hold chores, sitting in traffic are some examples. People sometimes feel that these are a “waste of time” yet they “must be done”, on the roads we see “road rage” and well today there are all kinds of other “rages”.

 This Ramadan, let us try to fill those moments with the treasures taught to us by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and given to us by Allah. By simply renewing our intention, “I am doing this for Allah” and then use the opportunity to make dhikr (remembrance of God), we change that moment from being what we consider as useless to something that can have great benefits for us.

So the next time you are in a line or in traffic, instead of getting angry because someone took “your spot” or “cut you off” fill your time with saying any of the following: Subhan Allah (Glory be to God); Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God), Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest);  Subhan Allah wa bi hamdi-hee (glory be to God and to Him belongs the Praise) or Subhan Allah hil Adheem (Glory be to God, the Greatest and most Magnificent).  These are dhikr that are, “light on the tongue but heavy on the scales (of our deeds)”.

Take advantage of these moments and use them to help you. Instead of you losing your blessings (by getting angry) or losing the opportunity to increase your reward with God. Perhaps on the day of Judgement, it will make a bigger difference than we could have imagined!