I am also prompted in a small way by my “critic” who in response to my column last week commented and asked: “What about the atrocity in Orlando? Is that building bridges? . . . . What do New Barbadians think about this? Do they agree? This is more important than nonsense about Muhammad Ali.”

There is no doubt in my mind –– and in the minds of millions of Muslims across the globe –– that the horrendous act of killing people in a gay nightclub by Omar Mateen was absolutely wrong and unjustified. Islamic organizations, groups, communities, scholars, commentators and individuals have come out publicly and all condemned this atrocity.

Why did they see the need to come out? Because, first and foremost, it was wrong; but also because it was widely reported that a “Muslim” carried out the act. Immediately as news broke of the tragedy, a link was made to “ISIS”, “self-radicalization”, “Islam-inspired”, and all the other popular buzzwords that follow whenever a “Muslim” does such evils.

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Such linkages no doubt serve to empower and embolden the likes of Donald Trump who saw it fit at the time of the tragedy to thank his followers for congratulating him on his stance of barring Muslims from entering the United States.