Salaam All

“I the night when it draws in, and by the dawn when it exhales” (Surah At-Takwir, 17-18)

At the pool, I watched a bunch of people swimming. Some little kids could stay underwater for just a few seconds, while others, like Za, stayed under for a long time … up to 90 seconds (scaring me in the process). There are others who can hold their breath for five and a half minutes! But no matter how long you hold your breath, everyone desperately needs to gasp for air when surfacing from under water.

God's LEAST blessing to us...and our GREATEST Need at each a single breath.

In life, so many people are slowly asphyxiating. This spiritual choking manifests itself in many different responses: feeling overwhelmed, lonely, guilty, unimportant, ashamed, unsafe, worthless, stupid, left out, incompetent, being lost in life, never catching up on tasks, craving a drink, needing coffee to get started, seeing the glass half empty, never getting a break, feeling unattractive, eating to soothe, being passed over, picked last, or picked on. Some people feel flat out hopeless, helpless, and even suicidal. And you see these people all around you...on the streets, in offices, in the mosques, at the shops...


Because they are not spiritually “breathing.”

To pray is to breathe

When people are not praying, they are spiritually suffocating. They’re on life support … dying … or maybe they have never really lived. Just as the body must have oxygen, our spirit, our essence, can’t survive without prayer … without connecting to God, and breathing Him in. 

His Book and prayer are our daily breath.

Prayer is an opening of our hearts to God. Praying allows us to connect with and understand His spiritual world. As we spend regular time in prayer, our spiritual radar becomes tuned and tweaked to God’s settings. So, we breathe Him in and connect more powerfully, prayer after prayer, breath after breath.

You see, as we pray, we tune our radar to His frequency, which allows us to receive His communication without clutter and interference. Frequent, meaningful prayer refines our spiritual radar. We begin to zero into His frequency easily. Using His clear guidance, life becomes easier and more fulfilling

Have you ever experienced that scary choking feeling when something was caught in your throat? Satan is trying to influence what you breathe in each day. But Satan’s air is really carbon monoxide. His poisonous air actually obstructs our breathing and chokes us. Satan brainwashes us to think that talking to God is wasted time, an obstruction we can’t afford in our day. Don’t be so easily tricked.

Stop and do this exercise. Hold your breath as long as you can, then breathe. The urgency and powerful way you gasp for air represents how much you actually need God every second of your life! Pray deeply and breathe easily … or avoid prayer and choke fearfully. Whether you breathe in God through prayer, or you breathe in the toxic fumes of this world is your decision, so choose well.

BTW...the above verse is a let's explain...

The time of day when photosynthesis is most efficient, is the time when oxygen is produced in the highest amounts, and this happens in the morning hours when bright sunlight first appears. As the sun rises, the leaf transpires, and the process of photosynthesis begins. In the afternoon, the process is reversed; photosynthesis slows down and respiration increases due to increasing transpiration derived from the increase in temperature. And at night, transpiration slows down and the plant is at ease due to the decrease in temperature.

The phrase that draws the attention to the morning “itha tanaffasa” ie “as it breathes away” in the Surah At-Takwir, metaphorically means to breathe deeply or respire. The phrase emphasized in the verse is remarkable in the sense that morning is the time when oxygen production starts, as well as being the time when the oxygen is produced most. In addition, the importance of this fact is emphasized in the verse with the oath being made upon this fact. 

Photosynthesis, which was one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century, is one of the scientific miracles of the Quran, indicated by the verse above. 

Shamal...Please circulate the Prayer brochure and let it be a breath of fresh air for your contacts. For the more people who breathe consciously aware of God the better the world becomes. Thank you.