Oh dusty traveler, worn out by life’s trials, stand up and walk with us as we continue on this journey. Your journey is like my journey- short. For a small period of time we have been placed here to elevate our souls. Ask any traveler at the end of their journey, they will tell you that they saw their entire journey flash before their eyes “in the blink of an eye”.  More than one week of Ramadan has passed, how have you prospered? How did you honour this noble guest with your thoughts, words and actions? Have you belittled her and only endured hunger and thirst? or have you tried to pacify the physical and elevate your souls?
Stand up and dust yourself off, drink from the well of God’s forgiveness and seek shade in His Mercy. Call on Him to help you, because even though you left Him, He never abandoned you. You taste of His mercy each day when you rise, each moment you rest, the beating of your heart, the blinking of your eyes.  Beg Him for His forgiveness, because He is most forgiving and loves to forgive.

Let this be the beginning of a chance to restore yourself, balance your mind and soul, breathe the truth that exists all around you in signs that are ever present to guide those who seek guidance.  This life is like a continuous race. Not one of gathering wealth and amassing treasures and trinkets which we hoard in our homes or bank accounts and which in turn imprison our hearts. 

Oh traveler, own this world with your hands but not with your hearts.

The truth of your creation, the reality of your purpose- to worship He in Whose hands lies control of all things, through ritual acts and through service to humanity.

Dust yourself off and throw away the cloak, “I have no time”..dispense of it before you have no time and your life was full of pleasures and routines that brought you no real profit. Arise and awaken your soul and commit to this journey. It is merely a transition from one phase of life to another.

Do not lose sight of your intended destination because you may end up where you never intended.

His Mercy exists around you, in the breath you take, in your ability to read, in the many things and people you take for granted. Why not then, humble yourself, quiet your ego and free yourself from the oppression of the creation, instead find solace and peace in the Creator because He created us and to Him is our eventual return. He has promised true and eternal success for those who sacrifice their time and live in accordance with His will.

He wants you to be successful, has always been there for you when you were alone, guiding you in your darkest hours and with you when you enjoyed your successes. Allah is most Merciful and most Loving. His love for His creation is greater than the love of a mother for her newborn child. Let us find our truth, in the truth of His love and live up to the promise and potential that He created within us.
This Ramadan, let us, let Allah help us become all that we were truly meant to be.