Salaam All
My God, how lovely was the rain this lovely last night as one lies in bed listening to its eternal melodious that produces such a sublime experience of calm. So deeply's at such divinely given times that one reflects on where their life's at and makes decisions on what it means to live for more than this world. To give in this world and to receive in the world to come!!! O God! As you shower us with the blessings of rain on this earth; also shower us with your blessings of mercy & compassion.

As I splashed myself back home my soul filled with delight as I recited what is simply the best poem that I have read on Rain. And I also remembered Singin' in the Rain, a 1952 musical comedy & the famous dance routine in which Gene Kelly sings the title song while twirling an umbrella, splashing through puddles and getting soaked to the skin. The difference was that I did not have an umbrella.

Let’s dance through Gibran’s poem, Song of the Rain, drenching ourselves with sweet inspiration.

I am dotted silver threads dropped from heaven

Nature then takes me,
to adorn Her fields & valleys.

I am beautiful pearls,
plucked by the daughter of Dawn

To embellish the gardens.

When I cry the hills laugh;
When I humble myself the flowers rejoice;

When I bow, all things are elated.

 The field & the cloud are lovers

And between them I am a messenger of mercy.
I quench the thirst of one;

I cure the ailment of the other.

The voice of thunder declares my arrival;
The rainbow announces my departure.

I emerge from the sea,

Soar with the breeze. When I see a field in Need
I descend & embrace the flowers and

The trees in a million little ways.

 I touch gently at the windows with my

Soft fingers, and my announcement is a

Welcome song.
All can hear, but only

The sensitive can understand.

 The heat in the air gives birth to me,

But in turn I kill it,

I am the sigh of the sea;
The laughter of the field;

The tears of heaven.

 Filling your souls with my beauty.

The rain sweeps before us with all the drama of a Shakespearean play. Pounding thunderstorms, magnificent, glittering raindrops, perfumed breezes, that magically transforms fields & trees into an extraordinary green, designed as if by the hand of some Great Artist. And it is. The rain, the sun should ingrain in us a deep & sensory awareness of nature’s shifting moods. Weather’s brooding omnipresence should fuse in our imagination with God – as if it were God’s Great Face we glimpse behind the wind, rain & clouds. And it is.

I spoke to my sister in Canada...she said with dread, it was -3 degrees...I laughed because my soul was filled with I told her I was just dancing in the jealous she was.hahaha

Sometimes, when you do things that don’t compute in this life…when all the odds are stacked up against you and you dance in the rain anyways…it gets kind of lonely. But you know what?
As followers of God, I think that’s what makes it so right and freeing too. And the more we learn about this strange, short little life we live… the more we will see that dancing in the rain is not just a cutesy metaphor for being a free spirited person who throws off inhibitions and carelessly twirls around in the midst of life’s hardships.
Weigh the options of what truly matters in this life, and what doesn’t…and then powerfully and boldly and passionately live out what you believe with every fiber of your being…that’s the most worshipful rainy day dance party if I ever heard of one.

Shamal...Rain is the mercy of God: "With this water God revives a dead land.

Such will be the Resurrection." Quran (50:11)
Keep that in mind!!!