The "ping-pong" display of disgraceful conduct by morons in the east and morons in the west demonstrates clearly that ignorance and prejudice are the dominant factors driving humanity today.  Killing diplomats, evicting the dead from their places of rest, making propaganda films to assassinate the character of saintly persons and faiths, innocents being slaughtered in places of worship, homes, cities and market places, burning historical documents are evidence of mayhem and madness.  Where are we going as a human civilization?  A year ago the people of the ME were clamouring for no fly zones and air support, today they are killing the very people who answered their collective call.  Where is the gratitude? Faith and gratitude goes hand in hand.

Restraint is the keystone of the seven virtues. The other virtues are created through selfless pursuits:

  • Valour: Pursuit of Knowledge
  • Generosity: Pursuit of Charity
  • Liberality: Pursuit of Will
  • Diligence: Pursuit of Ethics
  • Patience: Pursuit of Peace
  • Kindness: Pursuit of Love
  • Humility: Pursuit of Modesty
Ramadan is meant to teach the Muslims these qualities, have the lessons been forgotten or where they ever learnt by our contemporaries.  The reactions to provocations seem to suggest that the point of it all has been missed by the headline grabbing plebes in the world today.  Disgraceful conduct must be condemned by all civilized people regardless of the geography, history, biology, politics, religion, nationality of the perpetrators.

 In a well known Hadith, the Prophet (s) said,“ I have been sent to you to perfect character”.  God save us from insanity.