"GADDAFY is a gunman who shoots to kill. No appeals to sentiment can move him. This gangster, surrounded by armed thugs is a natural born killer. The reward for his apprehension is the peace of the Libyan Nation and mankind."  This is the description given of the mad Colonel in 1981 in a wanted poster published by the Muslim Standard which was published in Trinidad and Tobago.  He was ruthlessness knew no bounds then and knows no bounds today.  The civilized world should not spare a moment to assist the Libyan people from removing this yolk from around their necks and to save them from being the victims of a massacre like Shatila and Sabra or Hama or another genocide like Rwanda. 

The poster listed the following:
  • For the hanging on the 7th April 1977 of 3 students in Benghazi, a few days before 50 Army officers were executed.
  • For torturing  to death three Libyan lawyers. Amer Daaies on the 27th Februay1980, Mohamed Hemmy and Hussien el.Saghier in the 2nd week of March.
  • On March 21st. April 19th. May llth and 20th. four Libyan - expatriates were assassinated in Rome.
  • On April l l th 1980 in London, a Libyan journalist, Mohamed Ramadem, was shot dead outride the Central Mosque.
  • On April 25th a Libyan lawyer, Mohmood Nafe, was gunned down in his office.
  • On April 28th. another Libyan expatriate, Abdullatif el-Muntasser, was kidnapped and later found dead in a Beirut suburb, Lebanon.
  • .On May 10th. a former Libyan diplomat, Omran el- Mehdwi. was shot dead in Bonn, West Germany.
  • On May 21st. a 23 years old Libyan factory worker, Abubaker Abdurrahman, was found dead with his throat slit in Athens. Greace.
These men only crime was their dislike of Gaddafy's fascist regime. All were assassinated by Gaddafy 'Murder Squad'.  There are hundreds of Libyans, including many students all over the world who are on Gaddafy's Death List. The so called Peoples 'assassinations' Bureaus in the foreign Capitals - the diplomatic representatives of the bloodthirsty tyrant of Libya - are the bases for planning and carrying out these murders.

Iman Mosa el Sadr and his two companions Mohamed Yakoub and Abbas Bader el-Deen on the 31st August 1978 who have not been heard of since. Imam el-Sadr is the Sheiat Moslem leader of over a million people in Lebanon. We should remember the thousands of Libyan people who are detained without trial for years, many of them are tortured to death by State Security Police.  Also, we must not forget his criminal interventions in Northern Ireland, in Uganda, in the Lebanon, in Chad, in the Sudan, in Egypt, in Tunisia and elsewhere.

With the sons of Gaddafy also being raised in this mad mold, the people of Libya deserves the rest of humanity to lend them a hand out of this quagmire. This is published under the name of Ustaz Ahmad since he died in his attempt to achieve justice and peace for his people.