Tajmool Hosein

B.A. (London) LL.B, Barrister-at-Law (Gray's Inn), Buchanan Prize WInner.  Mr Hosein came first in the British Empire in his Bar Finals (1946)

Tajmool Hosein qualified as a barrister in 1946 and developed considerable knowledge in the area of constitutional law. As a member of the Trinidad and Tobago delegation, he attended the Malborough House conference and contributed to the formulation of the 1962 Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago.
In 1961, he joined the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and stood as a candidate for Chaguanas in the elections of the same year. He won the seat and served as Member of Parliament for Chaguanas from 1961 to 1966. Mr. Hosein was awarded Silk in 1964 and the Trinity Cross (Trinidad & Tobago's highest honour) in 1982.

 Articles by this Author

1946: The Need for Greater Effort

Writing in the 1946 Eid-ul-Fitr brochure Mr. Tajmool Hosein laments the disinterest of young Muslims in their religion and the disunity in the community.  Thanks to Maulana Kavir Mohammed for providing the copy.

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