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M.P. Alladin was born in 1919 in Tacarigua. He was the second of five children, three sisters and a brother. Alladin was an orthodox Muslim, fluent in Urdu, Hindi and Arabic. He was one of the leading artists in this country who was well-known internationally for his work in Art and Art Education. For this reason he was regularly invited to present lectures and participated in international conferences. Alladin belonged to a creative family, whose father was a craftsman who excelled in drumming and music. 

Haji Sheik Mohamed Shafik Rahaman (R.A.) was born in San Fernando, Trinidad on 15th May, 1917 and died on 29th March 1984 at age sixty-six. A devout Muslim, his father was the late Hafiz Yacoob Ali (R.A.) and his mother, the late Hajjin Sakina Ali (R.A.). The late Haji Shafik's father was the first Trinidadian to be the Hafiz of Qur'an (one who recites the Holy Qur'an by heart). His mother, the late Hajjin Sakina Ali (R.A.), bore two sons by her husband, the late Mohammed Fazlur Rahman (R.A.) of San Fernando, and the above named Haji Sheik Mohamed Shafik Rahaman (R.A.), who became an entrepreneur and Religious Leader. The late Hajjin Sakina Ali (R.A.) served her community well and cared for many whom she nurtured and guided to adulthood with sound Islamic beliefs and practices.

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