Hassan Mohammed

Hassan was a graduate of the Mausica Teachers' College, taught at the Princes Town Senior Comprehensive School in Trinidad.  He served as Imam of the Abdul Aziz Memorial Masjid, Aldana Street in Princes Town and as a General Council Member of the Trinidad Muslim League.  May Allah SWT bless his soul.

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My approach to this topic is based on the fact that the individual is the building block of any society, and also to the fact that Allah has laid special emphasis on the individual and his/her spiritual and moral upliftment during the month of Ramadan. If the individual is islamically sound and sincere, then the society will become Islamic. I have looked briefly at how Allah and his Rasul (upon whom be peace -uwbp) has explained how the individual can best utilize this special month to develop a personality that is based on Qur'an and Sunnah.

As Muslims our approach to this very important month should be as though we are entering into a training programme put together by Allah and His Rasul (uwbp) for each of us individually. Consequently we note that Ramadan is preceded by Rajab and Shaban, which are pre-training periods, since extra (nafl)-voluntary fast and zikr (remembrance of Allah) are recommended. Therefore as Ramadan enters, a Muslim becomes prepared to undergo some level of spiritual, physical and moral training for what Qur'an describes as: "La Allakum tattaqoon" - so that you may become pious and virtuous. (2:183)

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