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The Masjid:

Maulana Hassan was a member of the sole existing jamaat in San Fernando.  When conflict arose he decided to leave and start another Jamaat.  He got together with Brothers Asgarali Syne, Sheikh Bahadur Ali, Soman Ghany and Hafiz Yacoob Ali and they decided to pursue the matter.  They raised over fourteen hundred dollars and from it purchased the parcel of land on which it now stands for one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00).  The parcel of land measured fifty feet by one hundred feet.

In 1913 they started in earnest with the erection of our Masjid and laid it's foundation progressing steadily.  When the structure was substantially completed need was seen for another entrance.  There had only been one at the time.  More land was needed.  Hafiz Yacoob Ali who owned the adjacent land southwards donated a piece of it and it is on this land a second entrance was built.  Around 1917 the building was finally completed and namaz performed in it.  It is a two storey structure of reinforced concrete, still retaining its original architecture.
(Extracted from brochure titled Khatam-ul-Qur'aan dated 12th April 1987)

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