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The life of Raismee


She was very fair in complexion about 5' 5" tall, her right foot was deformed and looked like a club. You should have seen her speed in walking when she was annoyed. I asked her if she went to school and her answer was yes, then she started to spell and said RAT, BAT. She was a person with the skill to thread jewellery and a seamstress. She was well liked by the community as every day she had at least three visitors. One problem though when her visitors left I had to wash the chair/benches. She said that she was married to one Shah and had two sons Sultan and Hosein. Later she was married to Abdool Gafoor Khan and after he fathered two sons he deserted the family and migrated to Guyana. A regular visitor was her sister Sahidan of Drayton Street. When they met they would embrace and cry for approximately 5 minutes the same process in departure. Some time in 1914 she said her parents put her by Chotay Meah. How can one forget this encounter my hand from my wrist to my elbow was itching. I drew her attention, she said, "Like you have scratchers", I said, "This is cane prickles". Next morning she sent me to purchase six cents black disinfectant. She filled two buckets with water, one she put all the disinfectant had me staked naked and gave me a thorough bath with the mixture, and rinsed me with the next bucket of water. Since then I believe that's the reason I am so lucky. I am married to the most beautiful and caring wife, Zalina. We have three beautiful daughters and two grand children. The personality I speak of was a lady of reverence - the late Raismee, who died on the 26th December, 1983 at the age of 85 years.

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