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For many years before 1949, various social and  cultural bodies; both Muslim and Hindu made petitions to the Government through the Education Department for Education Grants to non-Christian denominations; but it was only after the arrival of the late Maulana Nazir Ahmad Simab, B.A. F.M. H.P. H.U. in Trinidad from India, that the petitions became more persistent and organised.

Simab, a qualified Muslim Missionary, with twenty-two years of teaching experience, demanded that the non-Christian community of this country be given equal rights as Christians in all matters pertaining to Education Grants.

A Deteriorating Muslim Society

The following article was sourced from "AVOCAT MASJID SOUVENIR BROCHURE '79/80" : The articles author is N.M. Ghany then President General of Tackveeyatul Islamic Association Incorporated.

The very word society means the more cultivated portion of any community in its social relations and influences. It is in this context that I am dealing with the subject matter above. People either by design or by a series of events acquire an ordered way of life which one could assume is the foundation upon which the society thrives. In the case of the Muslims the foundation was laid fourteen hundred years (1400) ago by the Holy Quran.

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