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This item was sourced from ASJA's 70th Anniversary Souvenir Magazine 1935 - 2005.

The day was October 31st, the year 1935 and the Legislative Council of Trinidad and Tobago had passed an ordinance to incorporate certain persons as Trustees of the Anjuman Sunnat ul Jamaat Association of Trinidad and Tobago (ASJA) with the four Incorporated Trustees being Syed Mohammed Hosein [First President], John Mohammed [First Vice President] with Buckredee Meah and Mustapha Khan as Trustees.  Today, seventy (70) years later ASJA continues to be the largest single Muslim organisation in Trinidad and Tobago providing the community with leadership, guidance, maturity and stability which has been responsible for recognition by the national community and successive Governments over the years since its humble, yet auspicious beginning in 1935.

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