Shaykh Tahir Mahmood Kiani

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An Explanation of Surat al-`Asr

Sūrat al-‘Asr or ‘The Chapter of Time' is a small Sūrah that gives us a very profound reminder. It tells us precisely how susceptible human beings are to suffering terminal loss if they do not spend their time properly and how they can avoid loss by investing their time wisely. It sums up all the elements of individual and social success in life.

Islām is like a fortress, or castle, that is guarded continuously by armed sentinels, within its many-feet thick walls that are impenetrable, save for one heavily protected gate and drawbridge that opens by falling over a crocodile-infested moat, that is many metres wide, and cannot be crossed nor overcome. How do you destroy such a people who are so aggressively protected by revealed laws and sincerely adopted rules, yet are themselves so pure of presence, serene of spirit, modest of manners and content of custody?

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