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Non-Christian Religions in St. Lucia

"The younger generation of Caroos have no idea what our history is, and our parents do not even seem to know about it themselves..."

"After the Indians were brought to the Caribbean the various churches saw an opportunity to increase their flocks and to break the Indians away from their "pagan" and "idolatrous" behavior. 

They aggressively pursued this in most of the colonies, but their successes never eclipsed the cultural teachings in those colonies that had large number of immigrant Indians such as Guyana and Trinidad, since these colonies had a large enough population that included Brahmin priests and Muslim teachers to officiate in ceremonies and create Hindu and Muslim temples.

In the smaller islands this was not the case and the Christian churches were able make great headway in their teachings.

The successes that they did have in Trinidad and Guyana and Jamaica taught the Christian missionaries a few things, that for the Indians their "religion" of Hinduism and Islam is more than just a small part of their lives, it was their life.

Everything the Indians did was steeped in it, without being "religious": way they dressed, food they ate, holidays, way they addressed their family members, the way and what they planted, worshipped, sang, et cetera, ad infinitum.

So they had to strip all this way in a deliberate methodical way.

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