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Guyanese family explores Indian roots

My great-grandfather who was known as Sohan came from India which means that I am third generation East Indian born in Guyana. I became interested in finding out more about my ancestry at an early age whilst living in the UK. In 1980, I started corresponding with my grandfather's youngest brother Mohamed Kassim Sohan [Kash,S7] who was living in Guyana. I have many letters from him giving his account of our family history. Also my youngest uncle Mohamed Sultan Alinoor [Babjin,S29], just before his death in 1992, passed on a set of documents to me containing the efforts of his research into our family history. This I have found very useful in my own research.

Other members of my family have also done research in this respect, particularly Mohamed Swideek[S55] and Mohamed Juman [Noely,R144]. Their information I have also found very beneficial.

I have been meaning to share this information for quite a while and have finally found the time to do so. This information is by no means conclusive and final as you will discover. Needless to say, much work is required particularly in tracing our history back to Gujarat, India; i.e., exact birth place and names of our forefathers. It is hoped that by sharing this information, others would be encouraged to continue this search.

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