Deen Ameerullah

Deen Ameerullah is the great grandson Gool M. Khan. Deen lives in Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana.

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Deen Ameerullah (co-author) is the great grandson of Gool Mohamed
Khan.  The latter was born in 1853 in a small village of Moorni of the Nasruddin Khel tribe in the District of Dir in Afghanistan. He received his early education in various schools and mosques. At the age of sixteen he passed his examination in Arabic, that is, in Fiqa, Sirf and Naho. On February 14, 1869, at the age of sixteen, he started out on foot from Afghanistan to India since there were no railways or other means of conveyance at the time. He went to India to bring his brother back to Afghanistan as his mother was anxious to see him. His brother was residing in Jaroa State, Rajputana, India. Gool Mohamed completed the journey in 54 days on foot. Gool Mohamed stayed in India for four years. He resided partly with his brother and partly in the service of the Prince.

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