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Mr Kadir Baksh provided Islamic literature with Urdu transliteration and English translation to the Muslims of Trinidad & Tobago during the 1950s & 1960s.  During this time there was a shortage of literature in any language in the Caribbean.  Mr Baksh's small efforts went a long way to fill this void.  The literature he published went far and wide.  May Allah SWT bless him for all eternity.

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Moulood Akbar, Qasidas & Narrations


PRAISE ALLAH! Once again He has enabled me to write the third edition of Moulood Akbar, Qasidas and Narrations into English transliteration and meaning, nearest in substance to the original Urdu and Persian verses.  The edition published in February 1958 I have been assisted with the meaning by a Islamic scholar from Bombay, India, hence - this edition is an improved offspring.

Moulood-shareef readers hardly explain what they read much more to reduce it in writing.  It has taken me a great deal of courage and open myself to charges of incompetency.  To such charges I bow in humility - for, I have never at any time claimed Literary nor Religious perfection.  My encouragement is due to popular public acclaim, local and abroad.  I have received letters of appreciation from several parts of the world including Mecca, Arabia.  Such work I repeat, is very difficult task which has never been attempted on this scale before.  Albeit, I have remain awake nights upon nights, during the day-time, in the morning and evening-time, writing, rejecting, and re-writing copies of manuscripts in order to accomplish whatever has been accomplished in this popular edition thus far.

I have found out as a matter of fact and considering the general opinion of learned Islamic scholars that the deep underlying spiritual meaning of the words and verses as contained in the original Urdu version of Moulood Akbar, intermixed liberally with Arabic and Persian words, convey a much more nobler and yet more elevated spiritual interpretation which make it utterly difficult if not impossible to allow even a fair expression of the vocals in the English vernacular - and, yet more difficult it is to grasp, or even understand the real significance of the sweet aroma emanating from every word, verse and prose of the original into the English renderings.  But on the other hand it is highly commendable and full of blessings for Muslims, more than those who may read only and understand not even a part.

To sceptics I should say, how about trying a hand-sketch of the cover only!  I am quite conscious of my short-comings, but I have to the best of my ability and fear of Allah, tried to be sincere and honest, but say "Subhan Allah! Allah alone s perfect!"

If readers should find some merit in this directive, then it is advisable to establish the glorification of Allah, and praise for the "Praised one".  Walahu alamu ba sawaab.

Kadir Baksh

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