Moulood Akbar, Qasidas & Narrations
Kadir Baksh
Mr Kadir Baksh provided Islamic literature with Urdu transliteration and English translation to the Muslims of Trinidad & Tobago during the 1950s & 1960s.  During this time there was a shortage of literature in any language in the Caribbean.  Mr Baksh's small efforts went a long way to fill this void.  The literature he published went far and wide.  May Allah SWT bless him for all eternity.
By Kadir Baksh
Published on 05/18/2008

PRAISE ALLAH! Once again He has enabled me to write the third edition of Moulood Akbar, Qasidas and Narrations into English transliteration and meaning, nearest in substance to the original Urdu and Persian verses.  The edition published in February 1958 I have been assisted with the meaning by a Islamic scholar from Bombay, India, hence - this edition is an improved offspring.

Moulood-shareef readers hardly explain what they read much more to reduce it in writing.  It has taken me a great deal of courage and open myself to charges of incompetency.  To such charges I bow in humility - for, I have never at any time claimed Literary nor Religious perfection.  My encouragement is due to popular public acclaim, local and abroad.  I have received letters of appreciation from several parts of the world including Mecca, Arabia.  Such work I repeat, is very difficult task which has never been attempted on this scale before.  Albeit, I have remain awake nights upon nights, during the day-time, in the morning and evening-time, writing, rejecting, and re-writing copies of manuscripts in order to accomplish whatever has been accomplished in this popular edition thus far.

I have found out as a matter of fact and considering the general opinion of learned Islamic scholars that the deep underlying spiritual meaning of the words and verses as contained in the original Urdu version of Moulood Akbar, intermixed liberally with Arabic and Persian words, convey a much more nobler and yet more elevated spiritual interpretation which make it utterly difficult if not impossible to allow even a fair expression of the vocals in the English vernacular - and, yet more difficult it is to grasp, or even understand the real significance of the sweet aroma emanating from every word, verse and prose of the original into the English renderings.  But on the other hand it is highly commendable and full of blessings for Muslims, more than those who may read only and understand not even a part.

To sceptics I should say, how about trying a hand-sketch of the cover only!  I am quite conscious of my short-comings, but I have to the best of my ability and fear of Allah, tried to be sincere and honest, but say "Subhan Allah! Allah alone s perfect!"

If readers should find some merit in this directive, then it is advisable to establish the glorification of Allah, and praise for the "Praised one".  Walahu alamu ba sawaab.

Kadir Baksh

My dear brother Kadir Baksh,
Assalamo-Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakathu

    Your valuable Islamic literatures reached me safely, I was very pleased to go through your writings and to know all that you are doing to uphold the cause of the Ahle Sunnah-wal-Jamaah against their detractors .... May Allah bless your services to the cause of Islam with the choicest success and may He enable you to steer clear of all pitfalls, into which Muslims of those areas are prone to fall .............................

Yours  with  Love.

Maulana Hafiz Muhammad Fazl-ur-Rahman Ansari, Ph.D.
President, World Federation of Islamic Mission, Karachi, Pakistan.


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 Who can ever write about the attributes of Allah,
When pen upon pen has failed here
 Qis se tauheed Kibriya ho raqam
Sar qalam hai yahaan qalam ke qalam
From earth to the heavens high
The commotion is Glory to the Creator,
The life giver to the body
The Releiver from pain and sorrow's snare
Farsh se taa-ba alamay baa-la
Gul hai Subhaan  Rab-bil a-la
Ruh-hey qalb mey dal-ne waa-la
Damey gam se nikal-ney waa-la
 In the wilderness - the Companion of the lost
In difficulties - the Comforter of the hopeless
Reliever from grief, Friend of the poor
The Sailor of all disabled ship
Jangalon meh be-qas-sun ka Refeeq
Moosh-qilon meh woh be-bas-sunka Shafeek
Gamzadon ka Wali garib ka yaar
Sabka bigree aa-ree meh khay-wan haar
People plunged into wickedness
He sent - Muhammad of Arabia
With the Light of Truth
The world he restored, darkness and unbelief disappeared
Khalq kar-ne lagee jo be-adbee
Bhaja oos-ne Muhammad A-rabi
Nur-ay Haq se huwaa jahan mamoor
Zul-matey kufr ho ga-yaa kafoor
The relationship of Allah's love he enjoined
With the qalma the idols he destroyed
Covered usunder the caopy of His mercy
In the world Islam he spread
Rishta-e ishk Haq se jor diyaa
Qalma parrh kar boo-ton ko tor diyaa
Dhanka Rahmat ki shaa-mi aa-ni meh
Deen phaila di-yaa zamaney meh
To the right path came the stray,
Our Lord is Allah alone they accept and pray,
Great is thy order 'O Muhammad of Arabia,
Great is thy Miracle 'O Muhammad of Arabia
Aa ga-yay rah par jo thay goom-rah
Parrh liyaa "La ilaha ill-Allah
Waah! aa-ney Muhammad Arabbi
Waah! shaney Muhammad Arabbi
His is the assembly celebrating today,
Even the angels are atending today,
Come ye here reciting Peace and Blessings
Drink ye also the sweet nectar
Oosi-ki mahfil ka dhum dham hai aj
Kiyaa fariston ki azdoham hai-aj
Parrh-te Sal-le alaa yahan au-wo
Shar-bat-te wa-seela nosh far-ma-wo
Sit thou here with manners-good
Mix thy heart with the King of Arabia,
Wherever thou desire Allah's blessings,
Baitho aakr yahan adab ki sath
Dil laga-wo Sha-he Arab ke sath
Jahan Akbar darood ho-ta hai
Rahmaton ka darood ho-ta hai ¶
To write Allah's attributes by tyrants
and ignorant people with such little
knowledge is beyond words.  If all
the oceans of the world were made
into ink and all the trees of the world
were made into pens and anyone
wishing to write - the Praises of Allah
all these ink and pens woud finish away.

And again, if just as many oceans of ink
were added to asist, these also will keep
vanishing away, yet the Prises of Allah
cannot be completed.

The evidence for my claim in support of
this enough, ...that Allah Himself have
instructed His Beloved Prophet Muhammad
(Peace and blessings be on him), that all
those writers of My attributes and My praises,
to inform them that to read in the Holy Quraan
for this support. ( Chap. 31. verse 27)

After this tell them that I am nearer to them
than their jugular vein.  Glory be to the
bounteous Sustainer, where must I now
go to search for Him and where else can
I find Him.
Allah paq ki siffat awr insaan zaloom
woh jahool ki zaban goya chhota
man-baree baat hai.  Agar tamaam
jahan ke  dar-yawon ki rosh-niey ban
jai awr doonya bhar ka daraqton ke
qalam tarashey jai awr Allah Paq ka
Hamd-o-sanaa likh-na chah-hay
toh yeh sab samaan roshan-nie
woh-gai-ra khatam ho jai.

Bal-ke agar etne-hi dar-ya iss
rosh-nie ki madad ke leyay awr
liay jai toh bhe khatam ho-tay jai
lay-kin Allah Paq ki Hamdo-Sana
hargiz nahi likh saq-ti.

Me-rey iss daway ka saboot meh yeh
shahadat qaa-fee hai kee Allah aap-nay
Habeeb Ahmad Mujtaba Muhammad
Mustafa sal-lilah alaihi wass-salam se
khud yeh irshad far-mata hai ki jet-ne
yeh hamaray Hamd-o-Sanaa likh-ne
walay hai oon-se yeh kahado ki Koran
Majeed meh yeh qalaam saboot hai
(Sura 31. Ayat 27).

Baad iss-ke kahado ke Main
tum-haa-ri ragay galoo se bhe
nazdeek tar hoon; Jal-la jal-lalaal-hu
amm-mah nau-waa-la hu ab kiyaa
talaash  karen awr kahan
dhun-dat-te jai-en oss-ke.