In the context of appropriate religious leadership, the life of Maulana Dr. Ansari should act as en eye-opener for he was a multi-dimensional scholar, orator, missionary, teacher, author and spiritual leader. It was precisely because he integrated in himself these diverse qualities, that he exercised such a strong influence on the minds and hearts of Muslims and non-Muslims in many parts of the world, including Prime Ministers Scholars, thinkers, professors, Journalists, administrators, political leader, Ulama and Sufis, etc.

One of the most eloquent messages to be found in the outlook and life of this eminent son of Islam is that the type of training being provided to prospective Islamic leaders needs multidimensional overhauling, to endeavour to create spiritual enlightenment, intellectual illumination and moral refinement.

A theologian of rare calibre missionary of unique distinction, a scholar of multidimensional capabilities, a spiritual leader of recognised eminence, Maulana Dr. Ansari not only set a personal example for the Muslim Community but has also bequeathed to posterity his magnum opus “ The Quranic Foundation of Structure of Muslim Society” which being the outcome of his life along labours, deserves serious study be each and every Muslim.

Maulana Ansari in Suriname (1968)