Book: Invisible Yet Invincible: Islamic Heritage Of The Maroons And The Enslaved Africans In Jamaica
Dr. Sultana Afroz
By Dr. Sultana Afroz
Published on 09/9/2012
Sultana Afroz seeks to clarify the Islamic heritage of the Maroons and the position of Islam in the freeing of the enslaved Africans in Jamaica. The text covers events preceding and reasons for, the Emancipation Act of 1833. It is postulated that those enslaved people of the Islamic faith never accepted Christian beliefs, although outwardly agreeing with these as was required of them by the authorities then in charge. It is therefore stated that they remained constant in their belief in the Islamic religion. The prevalence of Islamic traditions retained in Jamaica denotes the continuing devotion to Islam which was a strong factor in their eventual emancipation. A well researched and reflective work by an acknowledged authority on Islam.  Dr. Afroz was interviewed on Religious Hardtalk with  Ian Boyne on Jamaican TV, click on "Visit Site" below to view the full interview.