The Prophetic Timeline - A great website to waste time on
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Published on 02/17/2011

A unique and groundbreaking resource, this timeline of the Prophet’s life delivers a highly interactive experience and delves deep into the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it is an immersive and detailed account of the most pivotal moments in the Prophet’s life; including the most important events that led to his prophethood.

Events: The most pivotal moments in the Prophetic Timeline, written in a story-like manner to make the tale of the Prophet all the more fascinating.

Audio: A detailed, professional narration by a BBC voiceover artist brings the narratives to life, the audio delivers a heart rendering experience and offers a truly multimedia aspect to the timeline.

Lessons and Wisdoms: An insight into the profound wisdom the Prophet propagated during his lifetime. We examine the Seerah (Muhammad’s (SAW) life) in a scholarly manner to deliver an array of wisdoms and life lessons that are applicable to this very day.

Edicts and Rulings: The timeline offers the meaning and context of the revelations and rulings at the time of when they were bestowed. It is a resource that isn’t available to the English reader anywhere else.

Contentious Narratives: A section that defeats commonly held misconceptions of the Prophet, it offers information that contradicts baseless scrutiny and defends him against vulgar speech towards his honour and reputation.

The Prophetic Timeline