November 30th 2008 2nd Zil Hijjah

Soon we gathered at the appointed spot from where we were to return to the hotel. We were ready to leave.  Alas! One member of our group was missing! Sheik Mohammed, an elderly retiree could not be found. Search parties were dispatched in all directions.  Through telephone, we learn't that the bus was on its way for us. The time must have been after three o’ clock in the morning.  We decided to let Asad lead the ladies out of the Haram and into the bus. Sheriff, our leader, insisted that Japo Azad Ali should go with them.

The search continued. Then Asad, who had left with the ladies, called to say that Sheik was found; he was waiting by one of the landmarks we had earlier identified- the big clock between the two tallest pillars, just near the king’s palace.  The rest of us decided to meet the ladies outside. On our way we received another call—the roads were blocked and the bus would no longer come to meet us until after Fajr!