On this day too, I was able to get through to Trinidad on the phone. It was quite a while since we were able to call Trinidad successfully. It was good talking to our children, Nabsie and Ihsie.  Indeed, immediately after Isha, Nabsie called. Poor child! She was crying inconsolably for she was missing us dreadfully. I tried consoling her. Some time later she spoke with her Mom.  We have just a couple of days here again and soon, Insha Allah, we’ll be with our loved ones.  But right now, it is 10.20 p.m and we’re in the proximity of our Beloved [uwbp] whose love and concern for us, His Ummah, were the last words uttered in His [s.a.s] death bed, hence our sacrifice of being in His company here in Madina.  I hope to complete the reading of the Quran tomorrow  Insha Allah.  I am going to bed.