After dinner, Rasheeda and I went to the drug store to get some medication as she was beginning to get a fever. The drug store was not far away. We returned shortly afterwards and she went to bed, early for a change.

Sheriff I learnt, wanted our plane tickets for Jordan Airlines. I handed over the tickets and I went to my room where I read Quran until I fell asleep.

Tuesday 23rd. December,2008

I wanted to complete my reading of the Quran, so when Sheriff announced that the group was going to Masjid Quba, I asked to be exempted and stayed in my room to read Quran.

Wednesday 24th. December, 2008

This day was spent reading Quran. Also did shopping with Rasheeda. We packed the suitcases. After Maghrib, we collected our glasses. They seemed fine.  In the night, I read Quran till 11.00 p.m.