The Green Dome
After Maghrib, we had planned to meet outside the Green Dome i.e. the Prophet’s Tomb, where Sheriff had carded a singing session in honour of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Arriving there I saw no one, later I learn't that the session had taken place but was curtailed by the police, who had objected to the mixed gender gathering.

While I was standing around the Green Dome area, I saw a guy pass by and heard him greet the Rasul (SAW) quietly, “AsSalaam Alaika, Ya Rasulullah….”

I decided to do the same.

AsSalaam Alaika, Rasulullah…” And then a strange thing happened. I began to choke with emotions. The hair on my body rose. And then I was talking to him. “ Ya Rasulullah, I need your help. I need you to intercede for me on the Day of Judgment to Allah (SWT) If you don’t, I’ll be in serious trouble, for I am a huge sinner…”  I was crying. This was not a dua. This was a chat, a talk, a straight from the heart.  I started to recite Durood.  I made a mental note, then, to ask my wife Rasheeda to join me in a dua just outside Ar-Rawdah site, after all we have had some really unique experiences together and this place is one in which I think we should pray together.