Monday 22nd December, 2008

Today we are going to visit a number of historical sites. We first stopped at Masjid al-Quba. We prayed and then purchased dates. I have never seen so many varieties as there are on display. The prices are very reasonable.

Everyone seems to have purchased a lot. We go to Mount Uhud, the scene of that dreadful battle which saw the Prophet (uwbp) losing a tooth.

I became emotional. This is where Hamza Ibn Abdul Mutalib [ra], an uncle of the Rasul (uwbp) died and was buried. This is the place where so many Muslim lives were lost because some soldiers refused to obey a simple command of the Rasul (uwbp)

Sheriff is talking about obedience to the leadership. He is pointing out the obvious—disobedience to the leadership can have dire consequences. In this case, it cost the Muslims the battle.

Next we visited Masjid al-Qiblatain—the Mosque of the two qiblahs. It was here that the command to change the qiblah [direction of prayer] from Jerusalem and to the Ka’bah in Makkah  was received.

We were taken next to the site of the Battle of the Trench. The trench, unfortunately, has been filled and a car park and roadway made in its place. How sad. Our guide informs us that a number of mosques have been demolished on this site. I also glimpsed from the bus a masjid called Bilaal Mosque.  This Ziarat, this site seeing tour has been very enlightening.

Following the tour, we returned to the hotel. We then performed Zuhr and had lunch.

After Asr I remained atop the Masjid to read the Quran.