Sunday 21st. December,2008

Today I walked around the city streets of Madina. The atmosphere is peaceful, the pace of life is much slower than the hustle and bustle of Makkah, the city of “Tarik! Tarik!”—“ Move! Move!”

After Zuhr, a group of us went to get eye examinations. We had missed out on going during the morning time when one group had gone. The place was closed, no doubt they were taking their sunnah siesta.  Actually, the optician’s is just opposite the cemetery in Madina where some Sahabas or Companions of the Prophet (uwbp) are  buried.

This cemetery is always closed but on this day, after Asr, there was a funeral and a number of people had entered, a few who had no relation whatsoever with the deceased. From the optician’s, I was able to see inside the cemetery for the wall that was erected to block of the cemetery had given way to steel bars lower down  through which one could see clearly.

The place is clean and bare; one sees evidence of pilgrims throwing or placing roses into the cemetery. I stood and looked for a while and I could feel the solemnity of the place.

That night Rasheeda and I returned to the optician’s after Isha. We did our eye tests and were told to return on Wednesday night for the glasses.  That night we got in at midnight.