Saturday 20th.December,2008

Fajr—it’s again bitterly cold. We have just returned from the Masjid al-Nabawi.  Enite and Japo are having a cup of tea. After breakfast I intend to visit Masid al-Quba today, Insha Allah.

 Sign outside Masjid Quba
I have just returned from visiting Masjid al-Quba, the first Mosque to be built by Rasulullah (SAW). We prayed in that mosque and the mood is quite jovial.

We then came to Masjid al-Nabawi. We are going to visit the Rasul’s (SAW) grave. The crowd is not thick, just a steady flow of pilgrims. As the first Green Door comes into view, signaling the proximity of his tomb, I am reciting the greetings.

Suddenly, the pores in my body are raised, choking with emotions being within touching distance of the Nabi Akram (uwbp). I cannot contain myself. My eyes are flowing with tears.

I voiced the greetings as coming from Khalim, Rasheeda, Nabsie and Ihsie and the rest of the Muslims from T&T.  Feeling unworthy, insignificant, reciting the Durood, pass the second Green Door where Abu Bakr is buried. I am in a daze; pass the third Green Door. Prophet Jesus (peace be on him) will be buried there when he returns to fulfill his mission here on earth.

The guard hustled me out and I am not allowed to perform the two units of prayer in the appropriate place. Perhaps it is just as well—what’s a sinner like me wanting that special space to pray?

I am confused and emotionally drained. But I knew that I had to perform a prayer having visited the Messenger [Peace be unto him]. 

Courtyard of the Prophet's (uwbp) Masjid

And in the cold, wintry sunshine of the courtyard of the Rasul’s Mosque, I performed the two raka'ahs salah.