After Isha our leader called a meeting. He lamented that despite the high calling of the Hajj, there were some pilgrims who were displaying behaviours inconsistent with that of pilgrims. People were showing disregard for others, were being inconsiderate, may Allah forbid, taking the property of others. This was the one incident that has marred the Hajj thus far.

True, most of us were carrying the cold and sore throat. Enite Ali, one of my room mates, has not been well. He has been suffering from a pinched nerve that has rendered him unable to move about. He has been that way since in Makkah.

I had asked around and discovered that one of the sisters Denise Mohammed had some skills in massage therapy. Her husband, a very energetic, very likable individual with a warm personality, agreed that she should try her skills on the sick brother, to bring about some relief to him. 

Denise herself is a very generous, warm individual who had done some counseling with some problem students at my school some time ago. She had done this voluntarily and it had proved to be very beneficial.

This time she was being asked to use her therapeutic skills to bring about some relief to a pilgrim who had been confined to the bed for some time now, and who was in constant pain. She came that evening and after she was done, the unfortunate brother reported a slight relief. Next morning Denise again worked on him. We can only hope he gets greater relief from his pains. I might add here that in all this, Enite’s wife has been extremely strong and supportive. Our other room mate, Uncle Japo is also very helpful and supportive, bringing tea and other snacks for the unfortunate brother.