Friday 19th December, 2008

Masjid al-Nabawi

It was time to go for Fajr when awoke at 4.50 a.m.  I dressed warmly ,wearing socks and sweater and hurried outside. Our hotel, Al-Wissam, was just opposite the Prophet’s Mosque and right across the road. It was bitterly cold. It was then that I realized that I hadn’t put anything on my bare head.  Brrrr…..was I cold!

The Masjid is magnificent. The carpet is a thick and rich. There seems to be gold fittings.  It is also very crowded.  After the prayer, I decided to remain in the Mosque, in quiet contemplation of the significance of this blessed place and in the one [s.a.s] in whose proximity I am sitting.  After sunrise I performed the optional Tawwabeen prayer and then returned to the hotel.

Some members of the group, including Rasheeda had gone to Masjid al-Quba, the site of the first Masjid of the Prophet (uwbp).

I walked around the shops around the hotel and found that prices were quite high—higher than in Makkah and Aziziah.

For Juma'h that day, I decided to pray in the courtyard where the sun was shining. It was still very cold. Someone said it was winter weather, without the snow.