After Isha and dinner, we returned to the Haram for our Farewell Tawaf. I had not had an opportunity to touch the blessed icon thus far.  Rasheeda and Zaniffa Ali ( wife of Ex-Principal of Lengua TIA, Enite Ali) and I started the Tawaf (circumambulation0. I advised them to stay on the outskirts of the circle. The Ka’bah area has been very crowded with no let up of persons.

During the third round, we seemed to be getting closer to the Ka’bah and we were doing so unconsciously and with ease.

Station of Abraham, with the Ka'bah in the background.
Round four we were actually at the Station of Abraham. We touched the monument and even had the opportunity to view the footprints of the Prophet Abraham (A.S.) . It was an emotional moment for us.
 Abraham's footprints

It was the first time we were actually seeing the prints. And it seemed we had a long time to view the exhibit and that no one was at the Ka’bah at the time.

At the next round we were actually within touching distance of the sacred icon. I let go of Rasheeda’s hand and miraculously, I was there; actually touching the revered monument.

Rasheeda was right behind me and I made space for her. Her eyes, like mine, were moist with tears. It was more than we could hope for—two unassuming, unpretentious servants of Allah, living ordinary lives were actually touching the sacred, the revered Ka’bah. Zaniffa too was touching it.

I remembered the dua, the prayer, I had murmured at the commencement of the Tawaf—“ Oh Allah, this is my Farewell Tawaf at Your Holy site; I know not if I’ll see this place again… please accept this act of worship and forgive me.” And some where in that cry, though unvoiced, was a secret desire to actually touch the blessed site.

Upon realizing the significance of having had the opportunity to touch the Ka’bah, I cried the more—Allah had actually shown me, had actually responded to my unvoiced request. My faith increase the more; all this was happening with my supportive wife, Rasheeda at my side.  Subhan Allah!

Look, for every significant moment in our Hajj, we have been together. And together, we have shared some experiences that are priceless.  

But our experience that night was not yet over. The night before, we had gone to meet Haziroon and others from Omar’s Hajj Group. That mission though planned was a failure.

This night, as I prayed the two rakaah following the Tawaf, having already provided protection for Rasheeda and Zaniffa, something else happened. Rasheeda told me afterwards that while she was making dua or supplication to Allah and while I was praying, a voice behind her whispered, “ Hazi is behind you.”

When I was finished praying, I stood up to make dua. When I completed my dua, I couldn’t find Rasheeda. She told me later that she and Hazi had a very emotional embrace. Mustaq ‘Moon’ Ali of Tunapuna was also there and we exchanged numbers. There were three other Trini pilgrims in the group. The night was very fulfilling.