Wednesday17th December,2008

This morning I awoke with a huge headache in morning. I really felt I had overtaxed my health yesterday.  Today we have to pack our bags for we are leaving for Madina on Thursday 18th. A truck will carry the suitcases ahead.

Masjid al-Haram (the Haram)
After Fajr in the Haram (Alhamdullah I have prayed most of my salah in the Haram thus far) Rasheeda called to say we had to get a few items for a friend of mine. After breakfast we got together and went to purchase a few items for a good friend of mine at Bin Dawood’s, a large departmental store.

On our way we visited a bookshop what was most surprised was the price of books. The same books in stores in Trinidad were hundred plus dollar price tags, while in Makkah they were marked 20—30 Rials, essentially one third to one half the Trinidad price.

In fact, when it came to prices regarding items in T&T and Saudi Arabia, all I can say, very politely, very euphemistically, is that there is no relation between prices in the two countries for the same items.

There is a huge opportunity for greater sales volume for any entrepreneur who is willing to take the risk and sell within reasonable price margins. Rasheeda can say more about that.  Following our shopping, we hurried back to the hotel. We had to get the suitcases packed and take them to the lobby, for we are scheduled to leave for Madina on Thursday morning. The suitcases were being sent on ahead.

Having packed and delivered the suitcases to the lobby, I decided to perform Tawaf. While at the Haram, Rasheeda called to say she was also at the Haram, but on the top floor. After some difficulty she was located. From that vantage point, we saw a spectacular sight of the Ka’bah.