Sheriff  advises us that we would leave Mudzaliffah at 4 o’ clock for Mina, which lies between the Holy City of Makkah and Muzdalifah. Here are the white pillars representing the devil at which the pilgrims cast the pebbles they gathered at Muzdalifah, but will pray fajr inside its precincts. This is in order to avoid the teeming millions who will be leaving after Fajr.   At 3.30 a.m. we are leaving but it seems that so many others were in on the plan as well and are also leaving.

On the bus we call and speak with our children, Nabsie and Ihsie. It seems so long since we have seen and heard them…We also call Yasmin, my sister, in Canada. We wish her and her family  Eid Mubarak.

The group starts to sing on the bus . We sing the Tazeem (song of honor and respect dedicated to the Prophet (s). Although I have heard the song and have even sung the ode many, many times, today my pores are raised. The song has a tremendous meaning on this sacred night. Rasheeda confesses that she too is moved by the rendition.

Ya Nabi salaam 'alaika, Ya rasool salaam 'alaika,
Ya Habeeb salaam alaika, Salawatullah 'alaika.

Ashraqal badru 'alaina, Wakhtafat minhul budoori,
Mithla husnik maara 'aina, qat-tuya wajhas-sooruri.

Anta shamsun anta badrun, Anta noorun fowka noori,
Anta iksiroon wa 'aali, anta misbaahus sudoori.

Ya Habeebi ya Muhammad, ya oroosal khaafi qain-ay,
Ya mu-aiyad ya mumajjad, ya immamul qiblatainay.

Main yara wajhika yas-'ad, ya kareemal waali dain-ay,
How-dukas saafil mubarrad, wirrduna yow-man nushoori.

Maara ainal eesa hannat, bissara illa ilaika,
Wal ghamaam laka azallat, walmala sallu 'alaika.

Oh Prophet, peace be on you, oh Messenger, peace be on you,
Oh Beloved peace be on you, may the blessings of Allah be on you.

A full moon has risen over us, and overshadows the other moons,
We never saw the like of your beauty, oh the face of gladness.

You are a sun, you are a moon, you are a greater light than other
You are gold, and high above, you are a light of hearts.

Oh Beloved, oh Muhammad, oh groom of East and West,
Oh Supporter, oh Praised-one, oh Leader of Mecca and Jerusalem.

Whoever sees your face succeeds, oh descendant of noble parents,
Your clear and cool fountain, in our goal on the day of reckoning.

We never saw the camel fall on earth, but for you,
And the clouds above shaded you, and the people prayed for you.

At 5 o’clock our leader gives the o.k. to perform Fajr.  We continue to crawl our way through the mass of humanity, through the bedlam of the traffic.