Here is a significant find.  The promoters of indiscriminate use of violence and rebellion depend on Ibn Taymiyyah's Mardin Fatwa.  Top scholars came together to deliberate on this fatwa.  They relied on the fatwa as is it is "popularly" reported.  Listen to the clip from Shaykh Hamza which is the mp3 file  attached.  Shaykh Hamza was speaking at the Rethinking Islamic Reform debate with Dr. Tarek Ramadan  held at Oxford University, UK.  It points out that Shaykh Bin Bayyah was not comfortable with the text as it was internally contradictory.  In that Ibn Taymiyyah analyzed Mardin, then declared it is neither Dar ul Kufr or Dar ul Islam but another classification of Dar al 'Ahd, yet the prescription is as if the Dar ul Kufr is equal to Dar al 'Ahd.  After the conference Shaykh Bin Bayyah tried to remove his doubt about the text of the fatwa, only to find out that the earlier manuscripts of the fatwa had amalu [sic] not qatalu [sic].  This is a significant alteration as reported by Shaykh Hamza.

You can find the entire Rethinking Islamic Reform debate between Shaykh Hamza and Dr Ramadan here:

Its almost 3 hours long.  The attached audio clip is the part where Shaykh Hamza mentions the Mardin Fatwa.  The Mardin conference website is here:

You can get a report of the conference declaration here:

The point to note is that Shaykh Bin Bayyah's findings on the fatwa being deliberated upon at the conference was not an accurate reporting of Ibn Taymiyya's words came after the conference.

May Allah SWT guide us to that which is right and protect us from that which is wrong.