Dinner and Awards - Queenstown Masjid Restoration Project
Sadro Usman

By Sadro Usman
Published on 09/5/2010
The Queenstown Jama Masjid was the first Muslim place of worship to be  built in Georgetown, Guyana back in 1895. It remains the principal Masjid in the capital city, and in Guyana.  The  Masjid has been deteriorating over the years and in essence falling apart.  The foundation of  the Masjid has also become weakened.  To address these concerns, a Building Committee was formed  and a project proposal and subsequently a project plan were developed.  The project outlines the plans for a new two-storeyed building which is expected to be completed within  a year at a cost of US $2M, will be equipped with air conditioning units and a stand-by generator among  other items. The top floor will be occupied by women, while the bottom floor will accommodate the male worshippers.

On September 12th 2010, a Dinner is being hosted by expat Guyanese to raise funds to support the Reconstruction project.  Your financial contribution to the project will be through the purchase of tickets.  The “Net  Proceeds” of all tickets will go directly towards the project fund.

At the dinner, a presentation will be made by the Chairperson of the Project Building Committee, Br.  Naeem Nasir on the development and status of the project.  The dinner will also feature a keynote speaker Maulana Siddiq Nasir, Quranic recitations by the World Renowned Qari, Syed Sadaqat Ali and nasheeds by   Nadir Khan.  A feature presentation will be made  to recognize the Lifetime Achievements of Imams, Scholars and Community Workers from Guyana.