Through the instrumentality of some prominent Muslims in the community, representation for a T.I.A. , School was made in 1955. The foundation stone was  laid by the late Mohammed Abdul Ghany. The people in Lengna worked assiduously in the erection of the building. At the beginning of January in 1956 the Lengua Islamia School was opened.

A grand formal opening of the Lengua Islamia School was held later in the year. The Honourable Roy Joseph, then Minister of Education, formally opened the building.

The building has a floor space of three thousand and eighty square feet and provides accommodation for three hundred and eighty-five pupils. At present there are five hundred and ninety-two pupils.

Our staff comprises nineteen teachers (a principal, a vice-principal, seven teacher 1, nine A.T. 11 and a needle work teacher). The teachers provide an all-round education for the pupils. Our motto: "Love Conquers All", is practised by all pupils.

Over the years, 2190 pupils have been admitted to this institution; 297 of them have gained free secondary places and 195 have received School Leaving Certificates with two of these children winning free places at Secondary schools.

In 1971, we received six out of nine trophies competed for among schools in the Lengua/Barrackpore area. The year 1973 seemed to climax our achievements. We achieved eighty percent passes overall with seventy-five Common Entrance places including four scholarship winners and twenty-five school leaving awards with one child gaining a free secondary school place.

A Mosque was erected in 1962 in the immediate vicinity to provide a place of worship for all Muslims in the community. For many years teachers have been delivering sermons on Fridays. However, we have now been blessed to have a capable and devout leader, Haji Sahadath Ali of Princess Town.

The achievements of this institution have been due to dedicated teachers, co-operative parents and industrious pupils. Special tribute should be paid to our local manager, Mr. Hakim Mohammed.

Extracted from Tackveeyatul Islamic Association of Trinidad and Tobago Inc - Silver Anniversary souvenir brochure, published in 1974