Trinidad Guardian

By Trinidad Guardian
Published on 06/22/2010

To the people of the Caribbean, the trial of four men charged with plotting to blow up John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, may be no big thing.

But for the people in the United States, it is considered a serious matter. The first step of the trial—jury selection—started on June 14 and, according to sources at the courthouse in Brooklyn yesterday, that process will take another two weeks before a jury is empanelled to hear the case against a Trinidadian and three Guyanese. Jury selection is taking place before Judge Dora Irizarry in the Eastern District of New York Federal Court. On trial are Trinidadian Kareem Ibrahim and Guyanese Russell de Freitas, Abdul Kadir and Abdel Nur. The jury selection process is moving along slowly, according to sources. When this is completed, the US assistant attorney will open the case to the jury and reveal the prosecution’s case and what is the evidence against the alleged plotters.