There is an estimated 50 Muslims living in TCI. The Muslim brothers and sisters in living and working TCI are from diverse backgrounds with several of them from the African continent. Since Ramadan of 2009, Juma prayers have been established every Friday at one of the Muslim’s home. Whilst not all the brothers are able to attend the Juma prayers, the brothers and sisters who pray together have committed themselves to practicing Islam on the Island, reaching out to all Muslims and those interested in Islam.

Translations of the Holy Quran in English and Islamic books and literature were sent to the brothers and sisters from the Muslims in Barbados. These books were very well received and they have requested to get as much Islamic material as possible. The brothers and sisters are planning to register an association to enable them set up a permanent place for prayer and a learning center in TCI.

Contact can be made with Mr.Yussif Yakubu at, Tamara Muhammad at and Aisha Niass at