Muslims in Cayman Islands
Reead Rahamut
By Reead Rahamut
Published on 06/30/2009
The Islamic Society of the Cayman Islands was established to unite and organise the Muslim community of the Cayman Islands.  The Muslim community of the Cayman Islands is very small compared to other countries, but the diversity of the community makes up for what it lacks in size. Visit History page for more information on the History of the Muslim community of the Cayman Islands.

We are hoping, through the use of the Internet Technology, to educate the rest of the world to our existence on this small island, some 22 miles long by 7 miles wide. For more information on the Cayman Islands, go to

Activities of Muslins in the Cayman Islands
The activities organized by the Islamic Society of the Cayman Islands cater for all Muslims on the Island, residents as well as visitors. Visit our Activities page to learn more about our activities.

Zuhur, Isha and Jumma Salaat (Prayer) are held in congregation at one brother's home. Visit our page on Islam to learn more about the religion. We welcome anyone who has knowledge on Islam to share their knowledge with us.

One of the Major and Mid Term projects of the Islamic Society of the Cayman Islands, is to establish a Mosque on the largest of the three (3) islands, Grand Cayman. Presently we are using a portion of a brother's house to have our congregational prayers. We are willing to accept donations towards this effort. Please visit our Donations Page, as every little bit counts.