Was born in 1911. Very fair complexion 5' 8" tall. In his teens he travelled to Guyana regularly to meet with his father who lived there. Very early he took up classical singing, his ustad being Gulam Hosein (Belgagai). "Shaks" as he was fondly called by his friends was rough shod and got himself in a lot of altercations. By trade he was a mechanic and was the very first Diesel Locomotive Driver at Caroni Limited. He married Myroon from Charlieville and the union produced nine children:- Zinora, Ashmead, Zayard, Sadad, Rowena, Shamin, Zalimoon, Robin and Suzy.  His social and religious life was built around his love for singing. He was involved in the running of the California Jamaat's Maktab and a fighter of Orthodox Islam.

Bogart as he was called was person of shifting moods, hence, another nick name "Crazy Haniph". He stood 6' 1" tall. Raismee daady said he was very wayward as a child. When he was sent to maktabs he went elsewhere to learn Hindi.  I knew my father Bogart as a person who would leave his responsibilities undone to assist others. A very
fearless person and would get himself in trouble if he feels advantage is taken. He was a labourer working at many areas in cultivation ,factory and transport but had his likeness of the sea, he was also a Fisherman.

He married Sugwah and had two children, Shaukat and Raffida.  Bogart was a person well liked and of a casual nature. At funerals he would have the pundits searching for
answers due to his knowledge of Hindi. When the children saw him on the road they would go and hide, never the less, some time you could see him playing cricket with the same children.


Was the eldest son of Raismee. He was very fair in complexion and 6' 1" tall. As a young man he often assisted his mother with her sewing, hence, his inclination to tailoring a field in which he was self made. He became the best cap and hat maker and all garments made by him was true elegance, a seal dresser he was. Wearing suit, shoes, and Panama hat always with his walking stick. A very upright young man and very meticulous. He married Ameena Kassim Ali who came from a highly religious upbringing. Her grandfather was a Hafiz of Quran. The union between Sultan and Amina bought forth twelve children, one died at birth, the eleven children produced forty one grand children. The children are Zulaikha, Nayad, Hazra, Ahmed, Shaira, Nazem (died), Lazina (died), Zahir (died) , Fazal, Shinool, Zalina. Sultan was a person of high moral values and ethical standards. He was highly respected and very close with all children. In many instances he would buy fruits, etc. to bring home but before reaching home all will be shared to the children he meets on the way. The women folks would make sure that their orhni were properly placed on their heads. Visiting any home he would cough loudly on the step communicating his presence. All the women folks would address him as Barka Bhai (Big Brother). He was a staunch Muslim and ensured that his children attend Maktab Classes. Sultan died at the age of 49 years on the 15th June, 1953 the day after his eldest son Nayad's wedding.

Was short 5' 5" light skin coloured. He also assisted his mother with her sewing. He was a very bright pupil, arithmetic was his preferred subject. I was informed that he went for a job interview at B.C. Rail Transport Depot for an opening as a checker. He did so well that he was hired as the Time Keeper instead thus tailoring became his hobby. He was always serious faced, to the point, no beating about. He was a voracious reader and could argue on any subject and very witty. He married Naziran and that union produced,three children. They are Nazmoon, Kalam Azad and one died. "Tarn Chacha" as he was called was very charitable and a very good counsellor.