The building of a Masjid or any structure for community use is regarded as an act of piety in Islam and the term 'Sadqa-e-Jariyah' is usually associated with the blessings which accrue to the donors. Sadqa-e-Jariyah means that all the persons who subscribed to the erection of a community structure or utility continue to derive blessings for as long as the structure or utility exists.

It must be borne in mind however, that the main purpose of erecting a Masjid is to provide for the worship of Allah. If we erect a beautiful and expensive structure but neglect to use it for the worship of Allah, then we would have failed in our duty and the labour and materials used for the erection of such a structure would be regarded as being mis-used.

The Holy Quran and the Hadith give clear guidelines on Masjids

The Holy Quran says:-
" Surely the first (of worship) appointed for Mankind was that at Bacca i.e. Mecca a blessed place and guidance for all people."  (Ch. 3 - V. 96)

Some commentators of the Holy Quran have stated that the formation of the earth had begun from this place.

Abu Huraira (R.A.) reported that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said:-

"In the world a place dear to Allah is the Masjid and the place not liked by Him is the Bazaar." (Muslim; Mishkat) "

The reason for Allah's liking the Masjid is that the purpose of the creation of the people is that He (Allah) may be remembered in the world; Whereas in the bazaar, lying and cheating, greed and dishonesty etc., cause people to forget Allah.

Hazrat Usmaan (R.A.) reported that the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said:-

"If anyone build a Masjid for Allah, Allah will build a house for Him in paradise (Jannah)." (Muslim, Bukhari)

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) declared that the Masjid is the best place in the world.

The Masjid is the House of Allah; Allah's House does not mean that Allah actually resides in it, hut that Allah is much remembered therein.

The Masjid is the House of Allah, due respect should be shown to it, no noise should he made none shall come to Masjid with bad smell of any kind, as it harms both the people and the Angels.  So when someone smoke cigarettes and come to the Masjid without cleaning his mouth, this causes harm to other people and also Angels.

The merits of Namaaz or Salaat in the Masjid with Jamaat (congregation) are much greater than those of Namaaz or Salaat offering in houses.  One reward is recorded for offering in a private house, and (25) twenty-five rewards with Jamaat (congregation) in a Masjid.

Alas! Today several Muslims going to the Masjid return from there as empty-handed, because they show disrespect to the Masjid and thus are deprived of recompense (reward).

When we go to the Masjid we think that we get blessings, but from there we get cursed by the Angels, because when people are sitting in the Masjid and are speaking, the Angels of Allah say:

"us kut yan waliyal lah": (silent! 0 Friend of Allah)

but when they continue speaking, The Angels say:

"us kut yaa baghee dal lah": (silent! O Enemies of Allah)

but as they do not listen and continue speaking, The Angels say again:

"us kut la'a na tal laa hi alaik", (silent! the wrath of Allah is upon you).

After this they leave them.

The Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) said,
"When someone makes wuzoo and goes to the Masjid for namaaz or Salaat, for every step he takes he is raised up one rank and also one fault erases (wipes out) from him when he performs his Namaaz or Salaat, the Angels continue to bless him, so long as he is praying, the Angels say O Allah! send blessing on Him. O Allah!
show him mercy. O Allah! forgive him. O Allah! accept his repentance;-so long as he does not give trouble therein; so long as he does not talk."
(Bukhari and Muslim)

It has been reported in a Hadith:

"The Masjids will not be destroyed on the day of Qayaamah (Resurrection), they will remain intact and each Masjid will merge (unite with each other) in the other."

The Ulama (Scholars) have stated that wherever a Masjid is built, that place will remain within the order of Masjid till the last day.

It is known from this Hadith that the Masjids will not be destroyed even on the day of Qayaamah (Resurrection).

Today our Masjids, the houses of Allah, are deprived of worshipers (congregation) and are lacking in His (Allah's) remembrance. They are full of worldly affairs. Sometimes noises, film shows, songs and music are to be found in the hall or compound of the Masjids.  Never in the whole history of Islam were there such incidents.

It is therefore a duty of the responsible official Muslims to stop un-Islamic activities like playing of music, musical instruments, songs and film shows inside the Masjid compounds or Masjid halls and let others not laugh at us.

All actions should be in accordance with the commandments of Allah and His Prophet (S.A.W.) in order to maintain the respect of Masjids.

I know that the Muslims of Avocat have laboured long and hard to see this project complete. I trust that Allah Subhanahu Ta-ala will grant continued faith and determination so that the Masjid will be fully used and kept in a clean and tidy condition so that other districts might emulate your example.  I invoke Allah's blessings on you for having reached this far and I hope that your entire community will thrive and prosper in all your activities.


This article was extracted from Avocat Masjid Souvenir Brochure '79/80

"We have not sent you (Muhammad) but as a Mercy to (all) the Nations"-The Qur'an 21 :I07