(Standing From Left To Right ) Aziz Mohammed, Taheeb Ali, Meharwan Mohammed, Backreedee Meah, Abbass Hosein, Haji Rooknodeen Sahib, S.M. Hosein, Aziz Mohammed (Tunapuna), Mohammed Ibrahim, Hausildar Meah, Nawab Ali, Sheik Hashim Muzaffar.

(Sitting From Left To Right) 1. Not Identified 2. Not Identified 3. Not Identified 4. Belbagai 5. Ishmael Ali 6. Ghulam Hosein 7. Not Identified 8. Peru Meah 9. Hassan Khan 10. Not Identified 11. Hafiz Yacoob Ali 12. Badaloo Meah 13. Not Identified 14. Not Identified 15. S.M. Mustapha 16. Not Identified 17. Khairat Ali Meah

To have survived for so long a period of time and to have achieved, for its membership and the wider Muslim community, many milestones as an organisation, must redound to the credit of the founding fathers, whose vision, wisdom and religious persuasions have, till this day, ensured that our noble religion, Islam, would be presented and be available to the community in the purest doctrine of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaat. This initial action, therefore, being of pure and sincere intent on the part of the illustrious founders to form a body to truly represent Muslims, continues to enhance the successes of the ASJA, in the propagation and defence of Islam at all levels.

Ten (10) Presidents and several office holders have guided the destiny of the organisation over the years and others will continue to do so in the succeeding years, yet the structure of the ASJA remains intact, riveted to the creed of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaat as interpreted by the four Imams, in particular, Imam Abu Hanifa.

Two of the longest serving Presidents of the association have made their mark on either side of our country’s independence.Haji Mohammed Ibrahim, who engaged in Masjid building programmes, among other things, constructed the Jama Masjid in 1942, provided leadership and guidance in the formative and early years over a sustained period of time, while Haji Shafik Rahaman engaged in education and school building programmes and provided the stability and expansionist policies which characterise the ASJA today.It must be mentioned that these two stalwarts had distinctively similar qualities of vision and foresight and both were dynamic and aggressive leaders and shaped in the philanthropic mould.