Muslim women in Barbados plea for access to Masjid
Imam Johari Abdul Malik

By Imam Johari Abdul Malik
Published on 12/3/2007
On Friday, November 30, 2007, the 41st year of Independence in Barbados, I, a female Muslim, was denied the right to pray Jumu’ah in the largest masjid on the island.  I stood in front of the door on the top floor, two brothers turned up with keys and informed me that there were no facilities for women to pray there, so the sisters present were to go to his sister’s house.  I have never seen the brother and I do not know his sister.  So  we patiently waited until the khutbah (which we could not hear) was over, the salah (which we could not hear) was over, most of the brothers had left, and then the sister went downstairs and offered salah.