The IMAM, B. W. I.
The Mosque, Woking.
Dear Sir and Brother in Faith,
Assalamo Alaikum.
On Friday, the 5th of August, I was converted and became a member of the great world-wide religious fraternity of Islam.  Prior to my conversion I followed Christianity as a unit of the Roman Catholic persuasion ; but owing to the ritualism practised and the dogmatism imposed, coupled with, what I may with justice term, its Pantheon of lesser Deities (The Calendar of Saints), I found myself seeking another avenue for my religious expression.  Protestantism, Methodism and the minor Christian sects drove me into a nebulous state, and I became apathetic as far as religion was concerned. But the innate urge to worship God truthfully goaded me, and I applied myself to the study of Christian metaphysics. In metaphysical Christianity I found some solace, but transcendentalism often conflicts with logic, and I needed something rational.

Fortunately I came in contact with Mr. Abdul Rahman and some other Muslim gentlemen who, upon my asking, readily placed all Islamic literature available at my disposal.  Incidentally I became deeply impressed with the tenets of Islam. I diligently studied Islam and compared its teachings with those taught to me formerly, and finally arrived at the blessed conclusion that the Religion preached by The Holy Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him!) is the only one which stands out prominently, as connotative of the marvellous grandeur of God and one which satisfies the spiritual craving of intellectual humanity.

Thus, Sir, to-day, all praise to Allah, I can glory in being a Muslim.

Yours in Faith,
(formerly Roderick Leofric Beaumont-Benjamin.)